The objective of the research project Trust was to demonstrate:

  • how a new generation of search engines using cutting edge linguistic tech-nologies, can help anyone to question and dialogue in their native language,
  • then see how this request is transformed using semantics and translation, in several languages,
  • how they are delivered in the pertinent fashion, the answers coming from a multilingual web or intranet environment.

Expected results were: general purpose robust and reliable engines that deliver to users just what is needed and not more.

Exploitation of results will offer opportunities for a great many to embed this cutting edge engines into their own applications for consumer and citizen enrichment as well to procure for the public and private sectors reliable applications.

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Multilingual Semantic and Cognitive Search Engine for Text Retrieval using Semantic Technologies

Research Objectives
Human-like Interpretations
The results
The tests
The search engine sub-systems
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